Nupafeed® DOG Supplements

  • Nupafeed® CALMdog

    Nupafeed® CALMdog

    Nupafeed® CALMdog is a magnesium supplement that contains a unique form of magnesium, MAH® (magnesium aspartate hydrochloride). MAH® is a refined source of magnesium offering exceptionally high absorption rates and increased bio-availability...

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  • Nupafeed® FLEXdog Nupafeed® FLEXdog

    Nupafeed® FLEXdog

    Nupafeed® Flexdog is joint supplement that contains Green Lipped Muscle (Perna Canaliculus) to help provide pain relief for dogs with canine arthritis, canine hip dysplasia and other conditions affecting the joints, bones and ligaments...

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  • Nupafeed® GOdog Nupafeed® GOdog

    Nupafeed® GOdog

    Use Nupafeed® GOdog to help boost performance and recovery. Ideally start feeding at least two weeks prior to competition or an event to enhance fitness. GOdog is best given throughout the competition season but is also beneficial when given on a...

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