Nupafeed® EQUINE L-Carnitine

Nupafeed® L-Carnitine Equine Energy Supplement is used as to help build muscle, power and energy without horses becoming "fizzy".

Nupafeed® L-Carnitine Supplement comes in a daily liquid that easily top dresses on your horses grain. This daily liquid supplement combines the amino acid L-Carnitine with our unique MAH® magnesium that work together to help your horse produce energy more efficiently enabling them to work hard fro longer periods of time and also recover more quickly. 

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    Pumps   Our metric size pumps fit any of our 3ltr or 5ltr bottles. They dispense 30mls. These pumps are designed to unscrew so that they can be taken apart and cleaned. Please ensure that you tighten the components of the pump regularly...

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  • Nupafeed® L-Carnitine Daily Liquid

    Nupafeed® L-Carnitine Daily Liquid

    Nupafeed® L-Carnitine in a daily liquid will help your horse increase stamina and muscle development on a daily basis. Simply top dress on your horses feed by using our 30ml pump that easily attaches on our 5 and 3 litter bottles. New...