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Nupafeed® L-Carnitine Daily Liquid - 3 Liter

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Product Description

Nupafeed® L-Carnitine in a daily liquid will help your horse increase stamina and muscle development on a daily basis. Simply top dress on your horses feed by using our 30ml pump that easily attaches on our 5 and 3 litter bottles. New customers please check the option above to add a free 30ml pump to your order.

  • Increasing Stamina
  • Increasing Muscle Definition
  • Boosting Energy
  • Improving Recovery 



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Frequently Asked Questions:
for our full FAQ please visit the FAQ page on our website
How can L-Carnitine help my horse?:
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally made in the liver. It helps reduce lactic acid in the muscle and uses fat to burn as energy. By supplementing with L-Carnitine horses are able to increase stamina and shorten recovery time.
How long does Nupafeed® L-Carnitine take to work?:
The benefit of Nupafeed® L-Carnitine should be seen 1-2 weeks after you start feeding the product but absorption time is quite long. The L-Carnitine works faster on those with a high percentage body fat and on those in work.
Can I feed too much Nupafeed® L-Carnitine?:
No. Nupafeed L-Carnitine is entirely safe; your horse will excrete what he does not use through urine or sweat.
Is Nupafeed® L-Carnitine safe to feed alongside other supplements or medications?:
Yes. It will not react or interfere with any other medication or supplements you may be giving your horse.
Why does Nupafeed® L-Carnitine contain MAH®?:
The MAH® content of the L-Carnitine is critical; it acts as a carrier assisting the L-Carnitine to be absorbed.
My horse lacks stamina but is often quite "fresh"; will Nupafeed® L-Carnitine make him sharper?:
Not at all, L-Carnitine has no heating effect whatsoever; you will see the improvement at the point when normally he would be starting to tire.
How can Nupafeed® L-Carnitine improve muscle mass and definition if it does not contain protein or some sort of calorific advantage?:
L-Carnitine improves the efficiency of energy turn over by mobilizing fat stores, making glucose readily available in the cells to make energy. During hard work, normal glucose metabolism often does not provide enough energy.
Has L-Carnitine actually been proven to improve stallion fertility?:
Yes, L-Carnitine has been proven to improve parameters of sperm formation and motility in many species including equines.

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  1. It did it's job beyond expectations! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 20th 2016

    I introduced Nupafeed Carnitine about 10 days once daily before my last horse show. Amazing how attentive, fit, willing to give it all my horse was without being spooky. He had so much fun showing off at the horse show. The next day he greeted me perky and happy, ready to go to another show!
    One month prior I went to a show, wrote the same dressage tests and had similar wheater temperature condition.
    During the last test I had not much horse left and he was tired and a bit crumpy the following day.
    The only thing that changed was that I added Nupafeed Carnitine daily to his diet and it made ALL the difference in my horse!
    Recovering time after riding and a big(ger) work-out is DEFINITELY shorter! Without making the horse hyper. Amazing!