Nupafeed® DOG Supplements


Welcome to Nupafeed® USA Dog! Whether you have a nervous or stressed dog in need of a canine calmer, a competitive or working dog requiring  more energy, strength or stamina, or an older dog requiring a canine joint supplement for canine arthritis or joint stiffness, you have come to the right place for a healthy solution for your dog.

As a specialist in magnesium supplements for humans for more than 20 years, Verla-Pharm® conceived Nupafeed® magnesium products for horses and later for dogs. The success of the company's animal products was based on the use of magnesium. The magnesium supplements use an exclusive form of patented organic magnesium compound “Magnesium Aspartate Hydrochloride” (MAH®). MAH® is characterized by its excellent bio availability. It's absorption rate is far superior to other magnesium based products. High doses do not affect the important acid base balance. (Verla-Pharm)

The NUPAFEED® products for dogs are: CALMdog® to help deal with various degrees stress and anxiety or lack of focus, FLEXdog® to help maintain all around good joint health; and GOdog® to help improve canine energy strength, fitness and endurance.  

“We have a Wheaten Terrier who suffered She constantly chewed on her paw and legs. Her skin was very red and raw. After many visits to the vet and nothing seemed to work, a friend suggested CALMdog®. It's nothing short of a miracle. After 1 week she stopped biting and scratching and the redness started fading. Her hair is growing back and she is a happy dog again. Thanks, I have recommended this product to many of my friends and relatives.” Mackenzie M.

“My 9 year old boxer suffers from hip dysplasia. So many days he is stiff and uncomfortable but now with Nupafeed® FLEXdog® he is like a puppy again! A fantastic joint supplement!!!” Kelly Cramer